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Manuals in standard format can be found on the manufacturer's website.



To secure maximum battery life, among other service activities, be sure to recharge it regularly. This is especially important during the winter period or other times of the year when your e-bike stays without longer usage.
Also try to limit long-term exposure to temperatures below freezing, above 30 °C, or to direct sunlight when storing the battery.
Neglecting of these responsibilities by the customer can lead to irreversible damage to the battery, which cannot be claimed.



Due to the serious lack of components from Shimano, the manufacturers are forced to change operatively the specifications of their bikes during their production. Shimano components will be operatively replaced on some models by other components of the same quality. Thank you for your understanding.



When ordering the "wheel adjustment" paid service, the following will be done:

  • brake settings
  • switch settings
  • wheel centering
  • inflation of bike tires

Due to the conditions of transport (courier) companies, after unpacking the wheel from the box, some parts must be assembled by the customer or a professional service:

  • saddle
  • front wheel
  • handlebars
  • pedals
  • fenders (only for some models)
  • light (only for some models)
  • some e-bike cables must be connected

!!!!!     During assembly the pedals, pay attention to the placement of the appropriate pedal to the crank on the correct side of the wheel (due to different threads – right and left).

!!!!!     Each manufacturer recommends checking the wheel after several kilometres and eventual tightening of loosened bolts and joints.
!!!!!     After transport by courier, it may exceptionally become that the derailleurs or brakes will need to be re-adjusted.

!!!!!     If you do not order the "wheel adjustment" service for the bicycle you have purchased, we recommend you to use the professional service for assembling and adjusting the bicycle.

Tools and oil are not included in the delivery of the wheel.

By ordering a "bike service" (wheel adjustment service), delivery time of bike may be extended by 3 days.

How to unpack a bike from a box? YouTube sample videos:
Pells   -
Kross   -
Leader Fox   -



After each ride: check tyre pressure, suspension fork function, chain lubrication.

Once a week: check wheel alignment, correct pressure in the suspension fork, including lubrication and removal of all debris.

Once a month: carry out a thorough check of the condition and pulling of the chain, including its lubrication and removal of all dirt. In addition, the functionality of the control cables, bowden, converters and brakes.

Once a quarter: carry out a thorough check of the condition of the cranks and centre axle. Preventively check the condition of the frame.

Once a year: have your bike, including complete maintenance of the suspension fork, inspected and adjusted by a professional bike shop throughout the season.

Always use only genuine parts when replacing important components such as handlebars, stem, suspension forks, brakes, derailleurs, seatposts and more. We recommend that you have such replacements carried out by a bicycle service professional.


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