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1.   Can I return the goods?

There is no problem to return the goods. However, certain conditions must be met:

  1. Return the goods as soon as possible after delivery, within 14 days from delivery of the ordered goods. Or at least let us know you withdraw from the purchase agreement, and you follow our terms and conditions.

  2. Please fill in the withdrawal form at (select the "Return form" option).

  3. Goods will be returned to the warehouse unused, undamaged and in the original packaging.

  4. Address for return of returned goods:
    Äußere Oybiner Str. 16
    02763  Zittau

  5. You bear the immediate costs of returning the goods.


2.   How can I order?

You order from our shop by completing the following steps.


3.   If my size does not fit, can I change it?

Yes, the goods can be exchanged. Proceed as follows:

  1. In our e-shop, order the correct size of the item as soon as possible.

  2. Return the original goods in the standard way described in "Can I Return the Goods"?

  3. Upon receipt of the returned goods, we will transfer as soon as possible to your account the money for the wrongly purchased goods. The newly ordered size / length of goods will be sent to you as soon as possible (so we do not expect to return the original goods you have wrongly selected). The method of shipping and paying newly selected goods depends on your choice in the new order.


4.   Can I return the goods after the Christmas holidays?

You can buy the goods in November and December and return it after Christmas if you meet the following conditions:

  1. In your order note you will fill in that it is a Christmas present.

  2. Return the goods as soon as possible after the Christmas holidays (send it at the latest on the second business day after Christmas).

  3. Fill in the form at (select "Return form").

  4. Goods will be returned to the warehouse unused, undamaged and in the original packaging.

  5. Return Address:
    Äußere Oybiner Str. 16
    02763  Zittau


5.   How to claim a defective product?

Return the returned goods back to us together with the cover letter. The Complaint Procedure and the Form to Generate the Cover Letter can be found at:

Return Address for Claimed Goods:
Äußere Oybiner Str. 16
02763  Zittau

Please, be aware of the following terms of claim for goods:

1. The 30-day statutory time limit for the settlement of the claim is calculated from the delivery of the goods to the above mentioned address of our warehouse,

2. after a professional assessment, the claim may be acknowledged or refused,

3. If you accept a claim, it is not possible to choose your preferred solution. Recognized claim is solved by returning money to your bank account or exchange for new goods or repairing the claimed goods.


6.   How free ski passes will be delivered to me?

Free ski passes can be obtained from our e-shop if the conditions of the campaign are fulfilled (see
Free ski passes vouchers are then sent in electronic form together with the purchase invoice in our e-shop. Vouchers are part of the invoice, on the second and other pages.
If the message or attachment was not obtained, then it is likely that your anti-virus program or mail client has removed or may have been moved to junk mail.
If you have any further questions about the free ski passed campaign, please send them with previous e-mail correspondence according these to


7.   Why does my order take sometimes longer than what was specified?

Our goal is to offer our customers the widest range of winter sports needs as much as possible. However, some non-standard skis, ski boots, helmets, etc., and not common sizes, are manufactured and supplied by the manufacturer or distributor in limited quantities. They are often custom made, and sometimes there is a delay in subsequent delivery to the customer. Because of waiting for an article to be made, or because we have ordered it directly for you, from a remote warehouse in Europe, where it was still available.

Our team is always working hard to deliver as quickly as possible, yet we cannot influence the extension of the delivery time in some of the above cases.


8.   Why do we offer ski boots with two numbers, for example, 27 and 27.5?

The ski boots are numbered in two sizes. Each pair of numbers has the same size of skeleton and inner shoe. If a smaller size is required, you place the enclosed sole (lifter) between the inner shoe and the skeleton or between the original orthopedic insole and the inner shoe. Inserting the lifter reduces the space in the boot, so if you have a pair of numbers 27 / 27.5 you get a size 27.

Velikost lyžáků - 750x150px.png


9.   What is the "bike service" (wheel adjustment service)?

When ordering the "wheel adjustment" paid service, the following will be done:

  • brake settings
  • switch settings
  • wheel centering
  • inflation of bike tires

Due to the conditions of transport (courier) companies, after unpacking the wheel from the box, some parts must be assembled by the customer or a professional service:

  • saddle
  • front wheel
  • handlebars
  • pedals
  • fenders (only for some models)
  • light (only for some models)
  • some e-bike cables must be connected

During assembly the pedals, pay attention to the placement of the appropriate pedal to the crank on the correct side of the wheel (due to different threads – right and left).

Each manufacturer recommends checking the wheel after several kilometres and eventual tightening of loosened bolts and joints.
After transport by courier, it may exceptionally become that the derailleurs or brakes will need to be re-adjusted.

If you do not order the "wheel adjustment" service for the bicycle you have purchased, we recommend you to use the professional service for assembling and adjusting the bicycle.

Tools and oil are not included in the delivery of the wheel.

By ordering a "bike service" (wheel adjustment service), delivery time of bike may be extended by 3 days.

How to unpack a bike from a box? YouTube sample videos:
Pells   -
Kross   -
Leader Fox   -


10.  How do I find the frame number on a bicycle?

We can not tell you the frame numbers for logistical reasons, because they are not stored in our system.

The frame number itself can be found here:
•    In most cases on the underside of the frame bellow the central axis
•    On the upper, lower or saddle frame tube
•    On the rear or lower fork

If you need to state the frame number on the invoice for subsequent bike insurance, state this fact in the note when ordering. Later confirmation by us is no longer possible.


11.  Can there be a delay in delivery due to the coronavirus pandemic?

The situation is more complicated. Our own sales capacities are sufficient and even higher than before the pandemic. On our part, we are therefore able to make deliveries within the deadlines specified for individual products.

However, due to the globalization of production, where individual subcontractors come from virtually all over the world and are currently very often, unexpectedly, and to varying degrees affected by measures against Covid-19, there may be delays in deliveries from manufacturers, including those we have been contracted long in advance.

Thanks to a huge increase in purchases in the online store during a pandemic, carriers of goods are on the edge of their capacities. They are influenced by all other measures against Covid-19 similar to manufacturers (illness of employees, quarantines, acute emergency measures by the state and authorities, etc.).

Based on all of the above, we ask you for leniency, if your order is delayed over the period specified for each product


12.  Will you charge me if I do not pick up the ordered goods without a prior agreement with you? What if I do not meet with the carrier at the agreed address when return-collecting goods?

As the carriers also charge us in such cases, we will therefore require you to pay a fee corresponding to the price for the delivery of goods when ordering in our e-shop - We can request the payment of this fee even in those cases where the delivery was originally free.


13.  When can I pay my order by bank transfer?

Once we send you an invoice. It will also include our bank account number. We'll send you the invoice when we receive your ordered goods onto the warehouse. Based on this invoice, we ask you to pay the order. If you want to speed up the dispatch of the ordered goods, please send us an e-mail to with confirmation of payment made from your internet banking in PDF format. From our side, we deliver the goods as soon as possible. However, it is necessary to expect that the time of receipt of the goods you ordered in our warehouse depends on the delivery speed of the distributor (usually 2-7 working days).

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