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What is a radius and which one is the right choice for you?

Radius of skis (also referred as R, etc.), significantly determines the character of the ski and is usually expressed in meters (m).

Of course, a skier can make different types of turns with any ski, but turn radius suggests the natural turning tendency of the ski on “auto-pilot,” so to speak.


Short radius delivers to ski greater turning performance and easier maneuverability for initiation of carving turn. Thanks to a wider sidecut (the difference among the toe, waist and heel width) skis are not suitable for higher speeds.

Longer radius skis provide longer turns but carving turns are not initiated as easily as on skis with a shorter radius. This type of ski is suitable for a faster ride making turning easy.

Ski Radius Calculator here.

Filters by the ski radius:

Junior / children (up to 10m) - Children and junior skis have shorter radius of skis. Children´s skis - from 4 meters, junior skis - up to 10 meters.

Short (10-14 m) - Mostly slalom skis and women's skis. They are suitable for beginners, recreational or competitive skiers. Skis with short radius are not suitable for higher speeds or straight lining (skis would vibrate).

Medium (14 to 17 meters) - Radius suitable for most skiers used usually at all-round / all-mountain skis. Skis are suitable for riding at moderate speeds.

Long (over 17 m) - Slower turn initiation, great for giant slalom skis and freeride skis.  These are suitable for competitive skiers and high speed skiers.