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Discover skis with mohair also known as skin skis

Every skier who skies classical technique solves the constant dilemma of lubricating. Often, the curses are heard from the trace. Instead of enjoying a beautiful ride through nature, the skier is angry that the skies are sliding, and would rather throw them into the wood. As a bonus, he has to wash away the wax at home.

If you often solve these problems, consider skiing with mohair that has a special skin in the rising zone that makes it easy for you to bounce off. This type of ski is more expensive than regular skis, but you can also save for the purchase of rising waxes.

The mohair strip is located in the rising zone of the ski. Some manufacturers sell sky with one stripe of mohair, others with two separate strips. It depends on the model of the sky but some of the skins contain 100% mohair, others are mixtures of mohair and other materials. Skis provide high-quality reflection even in difficult conditions for ski service (ice trail, temperatures around zero). Thanks to the teflon surface of the mohair, ice skimming and moisture absorption are minimized.

We asked skiers who have experience with this type of ski for a few questions.

Alena has been skiing since childhood. In the past, she was part of the junior team, and is currently an active skier.

Bohumil - a racer who has started cross country skiing as an adult but still achieves good results.

Cyril used to race in the adolescent categories but for several years he could not taste for the ski. He returned to them in adulthood.

1. What group of people would you recommend these skis? Would they be suitable for skiing, training or even racing?

Alena - I would recommend these skis to tourists and / or competitors for lighter training. They are not suitable for the race because the slip length is shorter than waxed skies.

Bohumil - I would definitely recommend it to recreational cross-country skiers who want to enjoy a relaxing trip or a ride in any conditions. The mohair really works on any snow, so that the "mash" is really tough. Skis are therefore absolutely unpretentious for reflection. Of course, the fur is also produced by sporting or top models of cross country skies which are also suitable for performance skiers who did not come to the mountains just for a trip. Someone would also recommend these skis for racing skier training. However I would disagree with that. Still, the mohair is known and the skis do not just go like classic waxed skis. Personally, as a racing skier I would never take these skis, but in my opinion for 80-90% of Czech mountains visitors are really the best choice for classical style.

Cyril – I had the opportunity to try these skiers only one morning but I would definitely recommend them for both, amateurs and performance skiers. At Jizerská 50 (Famous Czech cross country race with the length 50 kilometres) I saw several people who raced on skis.

2. What are the suitable conditions for rising stripes?  For which conditions cannot be used?

Alena - They are suitable for all types of snow because they do not stick and the reflection is perfect. It suits the best for snow at an air temperature of around 0 ° C and if it is snowing when it is difficult to lubricate common skis with wax.

Bohumil – I was skiing with them practically in every condition and always perfectly worked. Obviously, the most demanding is the reflection on the washed and frosted trace, but it is the same as the classic wax, but with the difference that the mohair reflection is even easier in the washed-up track.

Cyril - I tried skis only once and it was perfect. However I do not know how they would work under other snow conditions.

3. Is it important to look up the skis which fit to your weight?

Alena - Yes, definitely.

Bohumil - It is definitely appropriate to have the ski for your weight. My perception from skiing on the strips is that a performance skier or racer who has a good reflection can choose harder ski than would match the manufacturer's information and his weight. It will then have a slightly better slip and it will bounce well. But in general, it is probably better to buy skis on your weight, or to use different testing skis for the public and try the skis (eg Jizerské magistrály Day).

Cyril - Very Important! If someone has softer skies, just like classic skis do not go downhill. It is necessary to choose the exact ski according to the tables according to the weight of the skier, but this also applies to conventional classical skis.

4. Some skiers are happy when the skis don’t go so fast down. Are there slippery atributes compared to wax skis significantly slower?

Alena - I would not say much about going well in nature but there would be a big difference in the race.

Bohumil - Yes, they are significantly slower. But for less skilled skiers, it can really be an advantage in the downhill.

Cyril - I did not recognize the difference between racing skis with normal wax and racing skin skis during a one-day trial. There are also cheaper versions of skin skis, and there should be a difference.

5. If you would like to have amateur skiing or training, would you buy ski with mohair? Or would you prefer to take classic skies and wax them?

Alena - I would not hesitate to buy them. For training and regular riding, skin skis are perfect.

Bohumil - If I did not systematically train and just go ski with a bunch of friends or go out and enjoy the scenery, I would definitely not hesitate for a while and definitely choose skis with skins.

Cyril - I would not hesitate to take the skis, I was very satisfied with them.

6. Which ski brand would you recommend and why?

Alena - I rode the best on Rossignol shoes because they were so soft that they could be bounced off.

Bohumil – Atomic, because they produce skin skies the longest from of all brands. In addition to the ability to test many models from different brands I have to say that at Atomic I was the best skiing.

Cyril - I had the chance to try Salomon RC Skin, and because I was happy, I would probably take them.



Taken with permission from; author: Adéla Boudíková



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