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Children's skis

Children would often have a great time on snow without caring what they have on their feet. The task of selecting the appropriate equipment is left to parents.

Which Skis Should You Choose?

Junior skis - usual length of apx. 130-160 cm, for skiers up to 70 kg

Girls' skis - the same as a junior skis, but designed for girls

Kids' skis - usual length of 60-130 cm and a maximum weight of 45 kg


When to Start? What is the proper lenght of skis for children?

Most children are able to start skiing from the age of 3+ . We highly recommend you to use services of a ski school for your childrens first steps but also for the future development of their skiing skills. .

Their first skis should be long between the arms and chin. Beginners will have better time on shorter skis that are easy to handle and lightweight.

Older and more experienced riders (6-8 years old), able to lead their skis in parallel, experimenting with edge-to-edge transfer should consider length of the ski that is somewhere between your chin and the top of your head.

Advanced older children over 8 years can use even longer skis - up to their nose to full body height and beyond. 

The truth is that there is no magic formula for determining the perfect size ski for every skier. Factors such as height and weight provide an excellent starting point but there are other things to consider.

Construction of Children's Skis

Construction is the same for most children's skis with the exception of the race skis. Most of skis for children are soft and made of PU foam. There are only minor differences in technical specs therefore you can choose the design that your children like the most.

Whether it's ski in the team colors of the World Cup series or skis with flowers, it is important for kids to like their first skis.


90% of offered skis are in a set with bindings.

What is important is the selection of the binding type. 

  • With a plate from the factory

The advantage of the plate is the ease of adjustment to a different boot size. You can use your ski even when you change your boots, when you use them as rental skis and it also makes it easier to sell them to someone else.

  • Without a plate (flat version)

Bindings must be drilled and screwed directly into the ski without plate. The adjustment range is thus very limited (apx. 2-3 cm).

Race Skis for Children

Young athletes need the best equipment available - race skis. These are structurally similar to the adult category of race skis. Usually produced with full wood core, or at least partial wood core.

Bindings are set to a higher release force limit. We have great selection of skis in this category. 

We also have many years of experience buying a proper equipment for our own racing team Harranti Harrachov.

Do you need help with choosing skis for your children?

We would be pleased to prepare suitable offer for you.


Tel. +49 358 3679 4987


Usual price of new children's ski set:

EUR 75 - 410

Recommended ski length for children-beginner:

up to chin

Our offer:

Children's Skis

Girls' Skis

Junior Skis

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